Wave Singers


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Wave Singers starts out leisurely as we are introduced to Merry and her pals as they prepare to head off to college. The teens forget their woes by telling mermaid legends around a campfire. It’s all good. There’s nothing Merry can’t handle until –BAM!– she’s dragged into a foaming maelstrom and her world is upended, legends become heritage, and the destiny of a nation hinges on her decisions–many which involve her love life. Suddenly, the freshman 15 doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Wave Singers is a fun spin on mermaid lore. The descriptions of underwater civilizations and of how those with the ability to transform change from legs to fins had my imagination firing on all cylinders. The drama in the story is offset well by humor, and the story is well paced.

I did question some of the characters’ actions (in particular those of a certain guy who would have benefited from a “Courtship for Dummies” book while pursuing his goal) but, overall, Wave Singers was a very enjoyable read.

For more info about the Author visit: Echo Fox’s Website

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