The Shadow Rises


Looking for some wicked fun? Give The Shadow Rises by K.S Marsden a try. It’s free now, but I’m giving away three eBook copies of Book 2 in the series: The Shadow Reigns. Find my status about The Shadow Rises on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Hunter” to win your copy today.

Hunter Astley, a 7th generation witch-hunter from England, never gets a break, not even while on vacation in Italy. What happens in Italy doesn’t stay in Italy after a seemingly routine encounter with witches and the rescue of a beautiful woman named Sophie puts a nefarious plan in motion and changes Hunter’s life forever.

Brooding Hunter takes Sophie to Astley Manor to teach her all things witch-hunting. His mother, who I affectionately named Grumpy Cat Incarnate, isn’t happy about it. Humorously awkward family dynamics like that, juxtaposed with solid action scenes and plot-twisting revelations, make The Shadow Rises a compelling read all-around.

Marsden does a nice job showing the inevitable hypocrisy of operating under a “guilty until proven innocent” philosophy without getting too preachy.

For more info about the Author visit: K.S. Marsden’s Website

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