The Nexus


The Nexus by J. Kraft Mitchell is the first book of a fun, fast-paced YA sci-fi series. The author recently released all three books of the series in a bundle and I am giving away two FREE copies of those bundles. Simply go to the Atomic Aardvark Facebook page, find the status about The Nexus and comment with “3 for me!”. Good Luck! Now, on to the review.

The Nexus was an all around good book. The writing was crisp, the plot was taut, and the characters were introduced well. I say introduced, because there is not a lot of backstory around any character except the main protagonist, but I’m assuming more details about the other characters will emerge in the subsequent books of the series.

The overall feel I got from the book was it was like a two hour pilot episode for a new TV show. There were enough details to draw me into the world the author created, yet enough things left unresolved to entice me to find out more. If this were a TV show, after the pilot I would definitely be tuning in next week for more.

I recommend this book to teenagers as well as advanced mid-grade readers. Parents need not worry about the content. There is some violence in this book, but it is not written about too graphically, nor is it the primary focus of the book.

There is no inappropriate language either. I was glad to see the author write “so-and-so cursed” instead of writing a bunch of swear words. I took this approach with Atomic Aardvark too. It lets the reader decide what cuss words were said, isn’t vulgar, and doesn’t come across as too cheesy (like when movies get dubbed for TV).

Give this book the attention it deserves and read it. You won’t be disappointed!

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