The Keeper of the Wind


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The Keeper of the Wind is a fun story with three very likable teenagers (Tim, Marcus, and Olivia) leading the charge.

About a third of the book deals with the boys’ dating experiences and Olivia’s good natured stints being the fifth wheel. I enjoyed the humorous encounters the boys found themselves in with their love interests (especially the awkward– and totally relatable– dinners with the girlfriends’ parents).

Though I appreciated the comedy, at times I felt the plot development surrounding the artifacts the teens discovered and the grave danger they were in from possessing those artifacts took a back seat to the boys’ love life and lost some of its urgency.

That said, when the good guys and bad guys (who have the ability to morph into different animals) do confront each other the battles are vivid and action packed.

Note: This book does contain some strong language

For more info about the Author visit:
The Keeper of the Wind’s Facebook Page. Check out a cool pic of the bad guys while you are there.
Mark Shaw’s awesome Indie Books Be Seen website.

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