The Game

At the time of this review the eBook version of The Game is still free, but I still want to give something written by Terry Schott away, so one lucky person can get a FREE copy of Digital Heretic (The second book in the The Game is Life Series). Just go to the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page, find the status about The Game, and be the first person to comment with “Make it so, Number 2.”

I know it’s cliché to say, but The Game by Terry Schott really was a page turner! A well paced and enjoyable read based on an intriguing premise that left me wanting more.

Throughout the book, characters hint a lot about bigger things going on than what is apparent on the surface, and I wanted to get to that stuff quickly. The author did a good job of not revealing too much too soon, while at the same time giving enough information at the right times so I didn’t get frustrated with the lack of answers.

Which isn’t to say everything wraps up nicely at the end of the book. The Game is the first book of a series for a reason. There is a lot more story left to tell.

The “Nothing is at stake/Everything is at stake” dynamic of the book was a fun angle on Dystopian fiction. A lot of times the protagonists are so burdened with what they must do the story gets mired in their reflections on what’s at stake and their self-doubt around whether or not they will be able to save the– you fill in the blank–(species, world, one they love, etc.). With The Game I was the one “talking to the TV”, so to speak, and telling characters, “Hey, guys! You need to care more!”

I will definitely be reading more from Terry Schott.

Here’s the link to Terry Schott’s Facebook Page.

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