The Eye-Dancers


The Eye-Dancers by Michael S. Fedison is intelligent fun. I’m giving away an eBook copy to the first three people to find my status about this book on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Duss”. Good Luck!

The Eye-Dancers hooked me from the beginning with its something-is-a-little-bit-off-what-does-it-all-mean? vibe– a Twilight Zone vibe for those who’ve watched that series.

Fedison did a great job fleshing out the insecurities, friendship dynamics, and triumphs of four middle school aged boys. I could easily relate with each character, even the characters I couldn’t find a lot of similarities with to my younger self during my own middle school experiences.

The story’s pacing was steady, adding depth to each character while building to an exciting climax where the main mystery is solved.

In addition to having great three dimensional characters, The Eye-Dancers is a well-plotted, cerebral novel that had me thinking outside the box that Schrödinger’s cat may or may not be alive in.

For more info about the book and its author visit: The Eye-Dancers website.

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