The Day We Are Born


If you’re in the mood to keep it real with Philippa Cameron’s YA contemporary fiction novel The Day We Are Born, I can help. The first two people to find my post about this book on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook page and comment with “Libby” will win free eBook copies. Viel gl├╝ck!

The Day We Are Born struck a nice balance of being both heartwarming and heart wrenching. Through the first-person narrative of Elle, the book’s main character, we gain insight into her day-to-day teenage life– her ups and downs as she copes with depression, a very high-maintenance BFF, an old friend from the past, and well-meaning, but perhaps too overprotective, parents.

Though there is some romance in the book, the true emotional arc of this story has nothing to do with teen love and I found the author’s willingness to tread along deeper emotional avenues refreshing.

This is a well-told, often humorous, unflinching, and poignant coming of age story where others besides just the main character experience growth from their challenges.

The Day We Are Born took me through a whole gamut of emotions and I will definitely be reading any follow-up novels to this superb entry in contemporary fiction.

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