The Bagman


Rachael Rippon’s novel The Bagman is all about a game, so I have a game of my own. Find my status about this book on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Thump” to win a free Kindle eBook Copy of The Physician (The second book in this series). Got it? Good. Better hurry, though. There are only two copies up for grabs

Seeing the mantra be careful what you wish for come to life is a blast in this fast-paced somber party!

The ambience of this fantasy/horror tale is perfect for the younger YA crowd. Dark, but not too dark. Creepy, but not too creepy. Scary, but not too–okay, you get the point.

The hook of the story, an orphan trying to outthink an all-too-real boogeyman in a diabolical game they’re playing against each other, reeled me in and kept me interested.

Additional subplots add depth to the characters and give the reader even more to ponder. This book is a well-written case study of human nature as characters make choices and are forced to deal with the consequences of those choices.

Nicely Done!

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