Skeleton Park

Skeleton Park by Christina Smith was a good Halloween read. So good, I am giving away two free eBook copies of it on my Atomic Aardvark Facebook page. Find the status about Skeleton Park and comment with “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”. The first two commenters will win! Now, on to the review:

Spooky, but with a lot of emotional depth, especially around the main character (Avery). The story is written in first-person narrative and after reading the first few chapters I was a little annoyed at how often Avery mentioned she had witnessed something awful that she couldn’t get over.

However, as I kept reading I realized her obsessive thoughts added depth to Avery. The author was showing how a person who has survived a horrific ordeal can get consumed with thoughts of the horrors he or she has witnessed.

The horror story unfolding in Avery’s new town was interesting and creepy, but not overly violent or gory, which I appreciated.

The book’s greatest strength was the dialogue between the characters. It was authentic and never seemed forced. Avery’s friendship with her new friend Sophie was very well done and I really enjoyed the chapters when they were doing things together.

Skeleton Park is not your typical ghost story. The prevailing message of overcoming personal tragedy is worth the read alone.

Visit Christina Smith’s Facebook page for more information about Skeleton Park and the author’s other projects.

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