Sigrun don’t walk (see what I did there?) to get your free copy of Sigrun by Deidre Mapstone. Three eBook ( copies are up for grabs on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page. Go there, find the status about Sigrun and comment with the word “Tillie” to win your copy today.

Sigrun revolves around a sheltered (as in they hardly ever leave the restaurant they work at or the town they live in) and tight-knit family of four children and their parents. Even though the only conflicts in this story were the sibling rivalries and insecurities of the children as they wrestled to come to terms with abilities they possessed and secrets their parents had been keeping from them, I still found myself invested in the story and the growth of the children.

A non-dysfunctional family with supportive parents who don’t get killed off somehow along the way is not a common theme in YA lit. I kept waiting for something sinister to happen, but it never did. This book really was a feel-good tale of family togetherness– a nice change of pace every now and then.

For more info about the Author visit: Deidre Mapstone’s Website