Province of a Thief


A great YA fantasy book is a reality with Scott Borgman’s Province of a Thief, book one of his three part Tal’Avern Chronicels. Get one of three FREE eBook ( copies of today! Visit the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page, find the status about Province of a Thief and comment with the word “Salia” to win your copy today.

When a master thief, Jaelyth (and two more skilled thieves from her guild), a powerful elven mage, a skilled warrior, and a Princess in distress are forced to unite to protect themselves and their Kingdom from a mysterious and deadly threat you have the makings of some great fantasy! The pacing of Province of a Thief is great. So is the character development, in particular Jaelyth’s as she comes to term with her past and what it means for her future. Magic plays a role throughout the story, but the author does a good job of spacing the explanations of how the magic system works throughout the novel so the story doesn’t ever get bogged down anywhere with too much detail. This is an awesome, straightforward, fantasy read!

For more info about the Author visit: Scott Borgman’s Website