Paws for a Tale


Paws for a Tale is a good book for a good cause (all proceeds will be donated to the SPCA) I’m giving away three eBook ( copies of this short story anthology featuring eight authors. Visit the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page, find the status about Paws for a Tale and comment with “doggone fun” to win your copy today.

Paws for a Tale is eclectic in every way. The writing styles, genres, and age levels of the pieces in this anthology are as varied as the stories themselves. If you are looking for commonality this is not the anthology for you. That said, I enjoyed the diversity in these tales and the opportunity to acquaint myself with so many different authors’ works.

Selections From the Gospel According to Saint Skeeter – short and humorous satire. Laughing at it while your wife is reading over your shoulder could land you in the doghouse.
The Forgotten Gray – great origin story and a good reminder that fearing the unknown can have tragic consequences
Snappy and Dashing – the political machinations of interesting characters and glimpses into a well-built world
At the Birth of Light: A Creation Myth from Another World one word: Getsundheit!
The Walker’s Way – an interesting take on Heaven, Hell, and Earth. May I never get on the bad side of a Walker.
Summer Snow – Welcome to the Mile High club ;)
Ice Angel – who knew a childrens story about an angel cat in the Ice Age would be so compelling?
How Much is That Doggy? – A great, odd sci-fi story with a Twilight Zone vibe. Well done!