Nightmare’s Daughter

I liked this book a lot. So much so, I bought five copies and am giving them all away. Go to the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page, find the status update about NightMare’s Daughter, and put the word “parfait” in your comment. I will PM an Amazon code for a free copy to the first five people who comment. Good Luck!

Nightmare’s Daughter is great! The author has a great sense of humor and timing. The underlying message that people are more than their looks didn’t come across too preachy or too cheesy.

The character’s were three dimensional. Maya was my favorite. Her thoughts and commentary on others and her surroundings were hilarious. I pictured the author typing, but having to stop a lot to laugh at her own jokes while she wrote this book.

My favorite commentary from Maya was her two sentence summary of her origin:

“Please don’t encourage her!” Mom hissed.
Her irritation with the two of us was overwhelming her ability to pretend she didn’t accidentally marry the Boogie Man and bear his child. Things happen, what can you do?

I was a little sad when halfway through the book I saw the POV was changing to Liam’s because I was enjoying Maya’s voice so much, but it didn’t take long for me to like Liam either. My favorite line of his was:

…she spoke and I needed to know more about her. And not just because I wanted to take her and examine her brain and her abilities to travel into someone’s dreams.

For those who have already read this, my favorite part of the book was Magnus’ prank. The author’s execution of that part of the book was brilliant.

I’ll end by plugging this book as a good Halloween read for teenagers. It has monsters, teenage melodrama (who likes who/petty jealousies/etc), mystery, and romance. Don’t let Aurora Smith’s Nightmare’s Daughter slip under your radar.

Amazon Kindle Link: Nightmare’s Daughter by Aurora Smith

For even more info visit Aurora Smith’s Facebook Page and Blog.

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