Five Kindle eBook copies of Jessica Wren’s fast-paced debut novel Ice are yours for the taking! Find my status about this book on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Minterville” to win a copy today.

Ice is a short novel that introduces a ton of characters. I honestly couldn’t keep them all straight. But don’t let this deter you. I can’t even keep the names of my own cousins straight (no offense, James, or is it Jimmy?). Once I got over the fact I wasn’t going to remember everyone’s family tree I was easily hooked by the book’s driving question: What is going on?

The answer, which in one way or another involves the entire town of Minterville, is gritty and disturbing, yet also manages to be poignant in its portrayal of human kindness in desperate situations.

Note: Because of the language and subject matter I wouldn’t recommend this book to the younger YA crowd.

For more info about the Author visit:
Jessica Wren’s Website

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