Hydro by A.C. Waltower is a fun dystopian read! To help share the fun, I am giving away two eBook copies of it. Find my status about this book on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Ronny” to win your copy today.

Hydro was a fast-paced, enjoyable read.
The main character, Blake, was raised in pretty bleak circumstances (post-apocalyptic Earth can be such a downer sometimes). Despite this, or maybe because of it, he has a lot of swagger and the enviable habit of putting others’ needs before his own. Blake’s interactions with other teens when he arrives on the moon-base Hydro are fun to read. The other teens lived in a world of relative comfort and safety until Blake challenges them to see things differently and decide which leader they will follow.
There are quite a few twists in this book to keep things interesting, including one I never saw coming. A great dystopian read for teens of all ages.

For more info about the Author visit: A. C. Waltower’s Website

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