How Maxwell Grover Stole My House


For gross-out mid-grade fun look no further than How Maxwell Grover Stole My House by C.E. Vance. I’m giving away three eBook copies ( only) of this book. Find my status about this giveaway on the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and comment with the word “Widget” to win your copy today.

The name Maxwell Grover sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. Maxwell Grover is the epitome of a grumpy old man– inside and out. If you’re expecting a heartwarming oh-he’s-just-a-lonely-and-misunderstood-man-who-needs-a-friend twist from this book, you won’t get it. The author’s descriptions of Maxwell are disgusting (in gross-out mid-grade appropriate ways) and a couple of times I regretted trying to eat lunch while reading a chapter.

The ten-year old protagonists acted their age which frequently frazzled my helicopter-parenting nerves. The children repeatedly antagonized Maxwell and invaded his personal space without understanding the potential danger they were placing themselves in. Multiple times I wanted to pull them aside and tell them to stop doing what they were doing because it wasn’t safe. I’ll admit it. I’m getting old.

Mid-grade readers will get a kick out of this one, as long as they can accept that not all books have to have a happy ending. BTW, this is not a spoiler. You find out in the first chapter that things aren’t going to end well.

For more info about the Author visit: C.E. Vance’s Website

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