Harry Webb in ‘A Potato With Her Name On’

Harry Webb _Cover

Harry Webb in ‘A Potato With Her Name On’ by Jason Pinnington is a short, fun book you should add to your library. I can help with that by giving away three eBook (amazon.com) copies. Just go to the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page, find the status about Harry Webb and comment with the word “spullet-proof” to win your copy today!

I loved this off-the-wall throwback to 1940’s detective stories. That the main characters were a down-on-his-luck spider detective and his gumshoe apprentice who also happens to be a fly (insect dynamics are more “civilized” in this story) whose name is Marty (which I think is an intentional shout-out to Back to the Future) made this soft-boiled crime caper all the more enjoyable.

The comedy comes in many varieties, from subtle to slapstick (well, slap with a rolled up newspaper, anyway). The narrative and tone of the story is private-eye noir, but appropriate for children and very fun reading for adults.

I am looking forward to getting tangled up in more adventures of Harry Webb, and also to leaving any more insect puns up to Harry and his pals.

For more info about the Author visit: Jason Pinnington’s Website

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