Guy Erma and the Son of Empire


Sally Ann Melia’s debut novel Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is a great Sci-Fi novel that you should read. To help with this, I am giving away three eBook copies. Find my post about this book on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook page and comment with “Dome Elite” to pick up your FREE copy just in time for Spring Break.

Liars, and tigers, and Borgs, oh my!
Guy Erma and the Son of Empire has it all: power-hungry rulers, fragile interplanetary alliances, betrayals, shapeshifting aliens, forbidden love, knock-down-drag-out fights (sometimes literally), Battle Borgs, subterfuge, and don’t forget the Gorans– huge cats which are ridden by fearless jockeys and raced competitively (think Kentucky Derby, but with more hissing and growling).

Don’t let the 400+ page count intimidate you. To have it all, and to tell an epic story of two boys fighting for survival in a corrupt, uber-materialistic world where megalomaniacs in the upper echelons of society want them to fail, requires at least 400 pages. The book was paced so well I never had to slog through a chapter. More often than not, I was completely absorbed in our young heroes’ plights.

Guy Erma is a top-notch entry into the canon of Sci-Fi Space Operas.

For more info about the author and her works, check out Sally Ann Melia’s website.

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