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Now, on to the review:

I really enjoyed Glimpse!

For one thing, this book reiterates an important life lesson: Stay out of alleys!
Bad things happen in alleys. Am I right, Bruce Wayne?
As for what happens to the book’s main character, Dean Curse, in an alley, get a copy of Glimpse and find out for yourself. The answer is worth the read.

Glimpse was very engaging with a good balance of action, humor, and suspense. Despite the tragedies that occur around Dean and his friends, the overall tone of the novel is upbeat. This was a very quick read, and not just because the book’s target audience is younger young adults. The story drew me in and made me want find out what was going on with Dean as quickly as possible.

Dean was a good character, but Lisa intrigued me the most. Nothing rattled that girl. Nothing. She was a constant voice of reason for Dean and Colin. I wouldn’t want to play poker against her.

Glimpse is a fun YA read that sets up a promising series. And remember, kids: Just say “No” to alleys.

For more info, check out:
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