Echo of Sight

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Echo of Sight by J.F. Robbins is YA Contemporary Fiction at its best! Roland must learn to cope with visual impairment during his senior year of high school. Through Roland’s first person narrative the author does an excellent job describing what it would be like to suddenly lose most of your sight. Roland explains what he sees, but also what he feels, which adds emotional depth to the story.

This novel made me think about all the day-to-day tasks I take for granted that would be difficult with visual impairment; tasks like finding the right-sized measuring cup or crossing a busy intersection.

Fortunately, Roland isn’t left to navigate his darkened world alone. His parents support him and he gets help from his student aide, Alexandra. She gives him lessons on techniques to cope with his impairment that were compelling and showed even more of Roland’s perspective.

In addition to Roland’s growth as he struggles with losing sight, the heart of this story is his friendship with Alexandra and how it develops and is challenged as the year goes on.

The pacing of the book is great! I never had to slog through a chapter to get on to something better. The whole book was good. Don’t let Echo of Sight pass you by.

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