Discern by Andrea Pearson is an imaginative YA Paranormal Fantasy novel. At this time, the eBook version of Discern is still free. I still want to give something away written by Andrea Pearson so I am giving away one eBook version of the Kilenya Series Books 1, 2, and 3 bundle. Be the first person to go to Atomic Aardvark Facebook page, find the status about Discern and comment with “First 3 for me”. Good Luck! On to the review:

Discern was well written with very few grammar/spelling issues, and none so egregious as to pull me out of the narrative.

For me, the main draw of Discern was learning along with Nicole (the main character) some of what it meant to be an Arete and the history surrounding Aretes and the other extraordinary beings in this book. The new mythology the author invented was imaginative and broad in scope.

There were a lot of little mysteries in the book around Nicole, as well, which kept things interesting. Not all of them get explained, but that’s what additional books in a series are for, right?

I didn’t care too much for Nicole. She was very self-centered. Most of her thoughts and actions revolved around an obsession to be the best and get what she wanted (recognition and a hot guy). Driven would also have been a good title for the book where Nicole was concerned. Maybe I am just a sucker for altruistic protagonists when the reality is we’re all more egotistical than we’d like to admit.

Despite not liking the main character, there was still enough intrigue in the book I would recommend it for fans of YA Paranormal/Urban fiction.

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