Darkness Echoes


Darkness Echoes is just what you need to get you in the mood for Halloween! It’s free and you can get it here. Darkness Echoes is made up of six great stories by six great authors and to help introduce you to their other works I am giving away one FREE eBook copy of one of each of their other works.

To get your copy, go to the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page, find the status about Darkness Echoes and comment with the author’s first name of the book you’d like. If you are the first person to comment for that author you will be the winner! Please, just pick one book from the six up for grabs.
See below for the list of author’s and the books I’m giving away. Good Luck!

Cloak of ShadowsCK Dawn
Travel GlassesChess Desalls
SeedDB Neilsen
DestroyedL.A. Starkey (This is book 2 of the series. Deceived is FREE so you should get that too)
The Legend of the Light KeeperKelly Hall
The ConcealingD.E.L. Connor

Now… on to the review!

Darkness Echoes is an eclectic mix of six Halloween-centric stories written by six different authors. Suspense, horror, magic, and undying love are just a few of the wickedly good themes in these tales.

Get ready for a heroine fix! The female leads in these stories are strong three-dimensional characters with attitude and determination. I didn’t have any trouble rooting for them to succeed.

Fans of paranormal romance will not be disappointed. There are plenty of male leads in the stories that put us “normal” guys to shame with their amazing good looks, supernatural abilities, and above average cooking skills.

I particularly enjoyed the diverse angles of spooky that were explored. From “don’t look behind you now” moments to more subtle horrors, these stories shed different lights on what frightens people and what dangers lurk in the dark.

Happy Halloween!