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Bob Books

List of Bob Books:

1. Nightmare’s Daughter by Aurora Smith-YA Fantasy
2. Island of Time by Matthew DeBettencourt-YA Sci-fi
3. Echo of Sight by J.F. Robbins-YA Contemporary
4. Entropy by Taylor Conrad-YA Dystopian
5. The Game by Terry Schott-YA Sci-fi
6. Skeleton Park by Christina Smith-YA Horror
7. The Nexus by J. Kraft Mitchell-YA Sci-fi
8. Discern by Andrea Pearson-YA Paranormal
9. Damselfly by Jennie Bates Bozic-YA Sci-fi
10. A Skip in Time by Adam Drake-YA Sci-fi
11. Glimpse by Steven Whibley-YA Action
12. The Daughter Claus by D. Thrush-YA Fantasy
13. The Santa Mysteries by S. William Shaw-YA Fantasy
14. Chronicles of Kilix by T.K. Chapin-YA Sci-fi
15. Zombie Rock by J.R. Cleveland-YA Sci-fi
16. Journals of Kara and Jason by Charlie Wood-YA Contemporary
17. Cloak of Shadows by CK Dawn-YA Fantasy
18. The Bagman by Rachael Rippon-YA Fantasy
19. Travel Glasses by Chess Desalls-YA Sci-fi
20. The Keeper of the Wind by Mark Shaw-YA Fantasy
21. Ice by Jessica Wren-YA Paranormal
22. Five by Caroline Greyling-YA Paranormal
23. Hydro by A.C. Waltower-YA Dystopian
24. The Day We Are Born by Philippa Cameron-YA Contemporary