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Atomic Aardvark fan art.

BOB Logo Design Contest

Calling all teens ages 12-18! I’m having a logo design contest right now and the designer of the winning logo gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Here are the answers to the questions I know you’re asking:

What are you looking for?
A 400 X 400 pixel JPEG image of a logo which incorporates the following three elements: an apple, the word “BOB” (easily readable when resized all the way down to 100 X 100 pixels), and the color tangerine (RGB=234,150,41). Combine them however you like but THE ARTWORK MUST BE YOUR OWN. I am not looking for “borrowed” clipart that you’ve slapped the word “BOB” over. I’m looking for a new logo that stands out in a crowd.

What is BOB, anyway?
BOB is short for a feature on this blog called Bobbing for Indie eBooks. Each week I search through Amazon (this is the bobbing part) and find an independently published YA eBook to read, review, and give away Kindle copies of. BOB is also short for Bobbers, a team of teens who read and review an Indie book each month for this blog.

Entry Deadline: Entries may be submitted from now until midnight (MST) of April 1, 2015.

How do I enter?
Follow these 3 Easy Steps:
1. Like the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page.
While you are there, scroll down and check out all of the great YA eBook giveaways going on and pick up a FREE eBook or two while you’re at it. (Entering eBook giveaways is not required and will not be a factor in us picking a winner of the Logo Design contest. FREE books are just a perk of spending some time on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook page.

2. Create your logo and email it to Only one submission per person, please. Include your first name, the initial of your last name, and the state you are from in the email.

3. Then, find the post about this contest on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page and comment with “Mission Accomplished”
I will post everyone’s entries on this blog and on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook Page.

How will you pick the winner?
On April 2, the two members of the Bobbers review team and I will each vote for our two favorite logos. The logo with the most votes wins. The logo’s designer will get a Facebook Message with a code to redeem their $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Have fun with this. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations!

Cover Me


After trying a couple of DIY photoshop book covers I finally decided to get it done right. John from Morrey Design was great to work with and his costs were competitive.

He patiently turned my request for a “3D dna/molecule strand type thing that looks like an aardvark, coming out of the white stripe” into something good to look at.

Thanks, John!

Quick Pic

My sister sent me a graphic she’d been playing with months ago after graciously reading a very rough draft of the first few chapters of Atomic Aardvark. I modified the colors and added some textures to create the very first entry in Atomic Aardvark fan art. Gracias, hermana, for the original pic.

Atomic Aardvark Wall Logo

If you’ve got some Atomic Art, send it my way and you may just see it here.