Bobbing for Indie eBooks

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Bobbing for Indie eBooks is where I and the Bobbers (a team of teen reviewers) dive into that enormous metal washtub of murky water and digital apples otherwise known as Amazon Kindle’s catalog of self-published eBooks.¬†Our search is for awesome independent eBooks (besides Atomic Aardvark) to promote and introduce to new readers. Each week I will showcase a new book and have giveaways for that book. Every month, each member of the Bobbers Team will read and review a book too.

Give these books a try and help spread the word through social media. Or better yet, gift a copy to a friend. Word of mouth and “passing it on” are paramount to independent authors’ success and I’m proud to support other independent authors!

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*** Hover over the word “Bobbers” in the menu to meet the Bobbers and see the great books we’ve found so far. The newest reviews are first. ***

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