…Before You Leap


Just in time to help you immerse yourself in the 90’s, I’m giving away three eBook (amazon.com) copies of …Before You Leap by Les Lynam. Travel to the Atomic Aaardvark Facebook Page and find the status about …Before You Leap. Comment with the word “gursk!” to win your copy today.

…Before You Leap is a hilarious fish-out-of-water story with great high school banter and a fun throwback to 1995. I particularly liked the 90’s references because, like the main character, Sean, I was also a 16 year old teen in the 90’s.

Since Sean’s descendant “dumbed” down his explanations of the time travel mechanics for Sean there were a lot of great analogies used to support the sci-fi aspects of this novel.

The book’s overall tone is light and wistful, but it also has its philosophical moments centered around what the ramifications of altering the past might be. I had a great time with this one!

For more info about the Author visit: Les Lynam’s Facebook Page

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