A Skip in Time


Looking for something short and sweet? Five eBook copies of A Skip in Time by Adam Drake are up for grabs on the Atomic Aardvark Facebook page . Find the status about A Skip in Time there and comment with “Don’t skip me”. The first five commenters will win. Good Luck!

Now, on to the review:

This week I needed a short read. Family came to our house for Thanksgiving which was awesome, but it meant lots of partying with no long car rides at either end of the week to make time to read a full-length novel. Lucky for me I found A Skip in Time.

A Skip in Time was a great standalone quick read. Emphasis on standalone. It wasn’t a prequel to some other series, episode 1 of a 15 episode book where the next 14 installments haven’t been written yet, or a sampling of the first 5 chapters of a 600 page novel that retails for $17.50. Instead, it was a showcase of some of Adam Drake’s work. A nice non-committal read.

I enjoyed the author’s sense of humor and the glimpses into our society’s potential and not-too-distant future. Each story within the story offers sly social commentary on our obsession/reliance on technology and social media. I especially enjoyed “The Hallway” and its ending.

The 10 Facts About the Author were fun, too, and may very well be worth the price of admission alone.

If you need something short and sweet to read during this busy Holiday season, don’t skim past A Skip in Time.

For more info, check out Adam Drakes’s website.

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