Guys read it too.

I just finished reading Atomic Aardvark and quite enjoyed it. I became invested in the characters much more than I realized at the time, particularly the human protagonists Conley and Marissa. The story is interesting and — here’s the thing — the writing is too: playful yet at times jaded just enough to catch the reader’s attention. I would recommend this book to teens and adults who wouldn’t mind a fun story about young love, corporate greed, the effect of technology on relationships and (oh yeah) a likeable aardvark and his worthy nemesis.

– Alan H.

A book that takes itself seriously only when it should, this was a pleasure to read. The writing is clever, and the plot blends elements of humor into a weave of action and wit. Some of the passages were slightly awkward and could use a bit more polish, but such problems were rare and did not detract from the experience.

It’s been months since I read a book in one day, but Atomic Aardvark kept me interested- and chuckling- from start to finish, and I found it hard to put down. As other reviewers have said, I too hope for more from this budding author.

– Dan Y.

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