First Amazon Review

Lighthearted and light handed, The Atomic Aardvark is a refreshing mix of romance, micro apocalypse, humor and social commentary as it follows the story of two troubled souls (Jack and Rex) who have made money at the expense of others; two animals made super natural (Aardy and Surly), and two young adults made for each other (Conley and Marissa).  This novel is engaging and appropriate for a variety of ages—the language is clear and clean and the action, though intense, is never gratuitous or grotesque ( although readers may be surprised at points when Rex and Surly reveal even more of their hard-heartedness).

If the novel were only entertaining, I would have been satisfied; but the Atomic Aardvark is more than a good read—it is at once witty and gritty as it reveals, through gentle satire, the humor and horror of an economy powered by technology and materialism.

I want more of Mr. Nice Guy and hope to see Surly 1.1 in the future, although this is going to be a hard story to top.

— Casualene M.

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